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The Unique and Distinctive Features of Akoya Pearl Jewelry

It was around the 1920s that the Japanese began farming pearls in earnest and they have been growing in popularity ever since. However; recently the Chinese have began to produce Akoya pearls and Akoya pearl jewelry and they are predicted to dominate the market in time.

This is due to the fact that pearl farming is very labor intensive work and China with its over one-billion residents has plenty of cheap labor to keep a burgeoning pearl industry supplied.

Akoya pearl jewelry has to be cared for after it has been purchased due to the fact that pearls are not as durable as other gemstones.

This is because, unlike gemstones that were created deep in the earth under great pressure and heat pearls were created in a living organism, just the same as ivory. Akoya pearl jewelry will last up to one hundred and fifty years or more if it is properly cared for but if not they can deteriorate far more quickly.

They should be kept carefully in their own clothe bag, so they don't get scratched by other jewelry in a jewelry box. Also due to the actual mineral composition of Akoya pearl jewelry, acid in any form is its worst enemy.

Your skin, particularly when you sweat even in minor amounts is slightly acidic and it is because of this fact that Akoya pearl jewelry should be whiped down after it has been worn using a soft cloth. Never use commercial cleaners to clean any type of pearls so you should obtain and use special pearl cleaning agents for this task.

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