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Tips for Buying and Caring for Freshwater Pearl Jewelry
However; they can be expensive and in fact tend to be more expensive then saltwater pearls. China has recently emerged as a dominant force in the freshwater pearl production industry and the quality of Chinese freshwater pearl jewelry has increased dramatically over the past few years. [...]

Ageless and Timeless Pearl Jewelry
Pearl jewelry inspires many people as it is circular and shimmering in nature. An original pearl is difficult to find and it primarily takes hundreds of year to convert a simple oyster into a fruitful gem. That is why, pearls are very expensive and hard to resist. [...]

Diamond Jewellery
Diamond jewellery can be made up of many different items including diamonds on their own, diamond rings which can be specific to a particular event for example an engagement, diamond eternity rings which are most commonly given after a child's birth, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and diamond pendants. [...]

The Unique and Distinctive Features of Akoya Pearl Jewelry
It was around the 1920s that the Japanese began farming pearls in earnest and they have been growing in popularity ever since. However; recently the Chinese have began to produce Akoya pearls and Akoya pearl jewelry and they are predicted to dominate the market in time. [...]

How to Find the Best Deals on Unique Opal Rings Online
Red opal of course is the most valuable but often times opals of other colors can have features that render them unique in their own right. If you know your opals then you surly know that synthetic opals are now being manufactured and marketed. [...]

Bridal Charms
Receiving a charm bracelet often marks a special event in a person's life. Traditionally for a marriage, a woman was given a charm bracelet to both celebrate the events and also as a good omen for the future. [...]

History of Sterling Silver Jewelry Charms
Charms are also known as amulets and pendants. They are as popular today as they have been throughout recorded history. Ancient Egyptians wore bracelets with charms or amulets. They were used to protect against bad luck and evil forces. [...]

Types of Pearls
Many types of pearls exist for the collector, the jewelry professional, and the novice alike. One can never tire of studying this field. Pearls come in various shapes and sizes and there is a large selection of pearl available on the market at varying prices. [...]

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