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Bridal Charms

Receiving a charm bracelet often marks a special event in a person's life. Traditionally for a marriage, a woman was given a charm bracelet to both celebrate the events and also as a good omen for the future. The charm bracelet then became the link for further celebrations of events and happy memories. Honeymoons, anniversaries, and the addition of new members to the family were all events that found representation on the bracelets that would be handed down from mother to daughter over the years.

This notion of handing down charm bracelets from generation to generation went hand in hand with the giving of bridal jewelry, wedding jewelry and also bridesmaid gifts. With each generation, new charms would be added to the bracelet. The value of the bracelet increased, but more than this, the memories multiplied. The wedding charms added to the bracelet of the bride to be would remind the proud mother of her own wedding day.

Earlier in the last century, women were particularly sensitive to these notions attached to charm bracelets. The charm bracelet became a life diary that went with women wherever they went. It was an instant reminder of love, experience, family and other major events. From bride to be to mother and grandmother, the charm jewelry forged a link through time.

The newlywed's wedding charms also contribute to showing an additional sophistication and elegance. The bride to be can choose to have her charm bracelet decorated with silver or gold charms, or other metals such as pewter. Some of the great names in this area have created magical pieces of charm jewelry to encapsulate the memories of the special day. Faceted charms with mother of pearl centers, crystals and sterling silver signatures are all possible options.

Bridal jewelry occupies a special place in charms. Wedding charms are representative of such a major event in a person's life that they predominate amongst the other charms on the bracelet. Next to the charms and the charm jewelry that a woman may have received in her early years, a token from a sweetheart, a scroll for university graduation, the tiny airplane for that romantic trip with her first love to Hawaii, wedding jewelry then puts all of these are the charms into perspective.

Now that people in general have more possibilities to travel and see the world, a variety of new styles of charm can also find their way onto the charm bracelet. Foreign jewelers have much to offer in the way of original design and a honeymoon abroad can be the ideal time to acquire original charms that offset perfectly the existing ones.

For the years following her marriage, any woman can still enthusiastically recount the story behind the bridal charms and each piece of wedding jewelry attached to her charm bracelet. Encapsulated in each little charm is a major part of her life story. Whether to her life partner, her children or guests at a dinner party, she will always have a fund of fascinating stories to tell.

An important event as getting married is a time to remember. Bridal charms is a beautiful way to treasure those moments.

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